Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Journal for textile artists course

Hia all,
Well I have finally bitten the bullet and am going to be teaching an online journalling class. It is going to be a thematic journal to inspire textile artists. I am about 1/2 way through the preparation now. It is going to be through Lynda and Carol's FIBRE IN FORM web site. I am pretty excited about it all, I think I have lots of new things to show you. We wil be opening a yahoo group or ning group for the class so peope can discuss with others and me! Here is a snippet from and early lesson. Hope you want to come and play!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Colourful day!

I went to my monthy group Fiber paper arts yesterday and we had a really colourful day. Sandra did dyeing with us and Chris block printing ready for next months use of thermofax screens. I am now a part of the admin for this group which is great as I now get to teach more of the workshops! We did some piecing a la Ruth Isset and here are mine.

Love this one, plan to work into it way more. My usual rusty colouring!

These pieces were natural and stitched before dyeing. This piece of the right of the picture was underneath the one above , how lush is it!

Did lots of sorta tie dyeish effects.

Other things done this holiday were a zentangle rock to show one of my pupils.

As part of a school fundraising idea Ellie had to fill this milk bottle with pennies and decorate it in someway. She decided as they had been learning about puppets this term to make a bottle cosy/puppet.This is what she made, she did all the hand stitching herself including the buttons and the nose. She then attatched all the ribbons and stitched it up on the machine - herself! I won't say mum's hands weren't near by but she was in charge! She is 6 in May!!! Cool ha!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Journal and ATC

Hia all,
I have been quite quiet ately, it is a mega busy time in school but as of today I am free for the hols! I ony have 2 kids who haven't finished their projects too so fantastic! Another reason for my lack of posts is that I am currently teaching an onine class to the group of ladies I meet with each month locally on journaling. We have been working on themed journals. I am doing mine on armour, hoping that it will give me lots of ideas for my sewing projects later. I am not showing too much of it at the moment as I am considering being able to sel it as an online course after I have tested it out on my lovely guinnea pigs! Here is one o the spreads, on using stencils and textured backgrounds.
Do you think anyone would be interested in taking a class on this type of thing???

On another note here is the second in my series on a woodland theme, after i finished my one for Calendar girls I remembered that I had to make an ATC for a special friends 50th birthday. So I had some left over monoprint and used it to do a similar design. Excuse the photo it is really hard to photograph!
Hope you all having fun! I am off to enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts here!