Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waaaa! It's my bloggyversary and I nearly didn't even notice!

I nearly missed my bloggyversary! I haven't been a good place sewing wise lately, not in the mood ? Done some bread and butter selling of buntings and bags but nothing much.
I have been dieting and exercising again, and re llost my last stone, to be at my lowest weight - 5 stone off!!!! so I thought I'd show you : (hate a post with no pics and as I have nothing to show!!!!)

Got pink hair while I am off school, going in tomorrow so preparing for the looks/bollocking!

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Been playing with laura's stripy challenges - keeping me sane since craig's op has been a tough one - about 5 days of nursing and I am glad he is partially on the mend cause I am tired!!! That coupled with wisdom tooth extraction leaves me very tired today :( anyway here they are

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

New cut

New hair cut today and found hipstamatic for my phone!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Devil's in the detail

Forgot to post details

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Developing work

So the embroidery I showed you has come on a pace since hub went to hospital and here it is now :

I am doing this for me :) I am going to mount it on canvas to have a piece of my work in my house. I was embarrassed when a friend came to my house and all the art on my walls were gifts, one tiny painted canvas of mine! So this is gonna be for me! Karyn of contemporary embroidery blog challenged me to work in whites - I managed neutrals! I am loving working on this :)

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Laura's challenge

Laura has given a set string this week and after a few weeks of being under pressure at work and home it was a joy to just play yesterday :)

Here are my 2 efforts but I can see more play on this this week as I have a week off ! Might try to catch up the ones I missed.

My hubby Craig has had a mega eye op this week in London - quite far from me in Swansea, my lovely mam looked after him as he wanted things normal for our baby! Who turned 8 last Saturday! He is doing really well sight seems good already and should prolong his sight we hope.

Ellie had a ball horse riding

And check out her Katie Perry California gurls inspired cake!!

Made by me of course!!! Don't look at the joins too close!!!!!

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I am alive honest!

Well I still have no laptop so am trying out mobile blogging. I have been working on this:

I based it on this drawing :

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ladies gorgeous design work

Here's me drawing ! Check out my lush scar, and why after all this dieting and loosing 5 stone do I still have sausage fingers!!!!!
I am not even going to try to remember who is who's have a look these are the collages they produced.

Love these last 2 especially. More later on the work they did with the envelopes.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Beautiful bills

As promised here are more of the pictures from my workshop last weekend. I stared out with using the windows of the envelopes to mono print, we used one to ink up and the other to take a print off leaving a good positive and negative.
Here are some of my finished as ATC's samples - the group asked me to do something on ATC's you see, they knew I had a stock of ones I had swapped.
These were the fist technique I taught, don't want to say too much as I am trying to protect my work a bit as I would like to do more workshops
This piece is so soft it is hard to believe it is paper, Craig my hubby is severely visually impaired and he couldn't tell what it was at all, thought it was weird cloth, not old envelopes!!!

This was the next technique and as it produces holes we backed onto denim (very cohesive with the envelopes) and we foiled it for a bit of bling!

After being so tight with colour and knowing that so many of my students LOVE colour I thought could I do this with magazine paper? Why it didn't occur to me before the day I am not sure, but it worked and we did some and they were delicious.
The 2 different techniques with magazine papers.
I love this last sample. I am hoping that something will come of this work, am going to try to work a little more on this and make some larger pieces. They will probably have to be pieced together. All I need is something to hang the work on now as I have not done too much drawing other than tangling since the Sketchbook project.
By the way my sketchbook finally arrived in Brooklyn, think it fancied the scenic route!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My workshop

I taught a workshop last week to a local called Itchy fingers textiles. They are a really remarkable set of ladies who have all met through City and Guilds. I decided to do a workshop called beautiful bills as I have been playing with the insides of security envelopes. But before all this I like to incorporate a bit of design as I know many have fear of how to design and what to do. So I started with a bit of a freeing exercise and got them to tear things they like from magazines and glue them quickly together as a bit of a mood board - nothing new there but think it gives a chance for people to be free. They are having an exhibition in the summer (I think???) - entitled "HOME" and so we looked at interior magazines. This was my example.....
I then got carried away with fashion - well it lives in my home and I LURVE it!!!!!!!
Can you tel I have complete shoe lust!!!!!!!

Can't tell you how much I want those shoes!!!!!!! anyone got a spare £600

I did this on the day.
So to move it on we made some sketches, these were mine......

Love the one above with a passion.

and that was design.... I will post some of my samples later in the week