Friday, April 08, 2011

Beautiful bills

As promised here are more of the pictures from my workshop last weekend. I stared out with using the windows of the envelopes to mono print, we used one to ink up and the other to take a print off leaving a good positive and negative.
Here are some of my finished as ATC's samples - the group asked me to do something on ATC's you see, they knew I had a stock of ones I had swapped.
These were the fist technique I taught, don't want to say too much as I am trying to protect my work a bit as I would like to do more workshops
This piece is so soft it is hard to believe it is paper, Craig my hubby is severely visually impaired and he couldn't tell what it was at all, thought it was weird cloth, not old envelopes!!!

This was the next technique and as it produces holes we backed onto denim (very cohesive with the envelopes) and we foiled it for a bit of bling!

After being so tight with colour and knowing that so many of my students LOVE colour I thought could I do this with magazine paper? Why it didn't occur to me before the day I am not sure, but it worked and we did some and they were delicious.
The 2 different techniques with magazine papers.
I love this last sample. I am hoping that something will come of this work, am going to try to work a little more on this and make some larger pieces. They will probably have to be pieced together. All I need is something to hang the work on now as I have not done too much drawing other than tangling since the Sketchbook project.
By the way my sketchbook finally arrived in Brooklyn, think it fancied the scenic route!!!!!!!



These are lovely Carol. Looks like a good workshop.


These are lovely Carol. Looks like a good workshop.

stART said...

These are beautiful miniatures - you have quite a knack for this small format. Despite limitations of size, your art is larger than life!

karen said...

fantastic workshop results...know what you mean about keeping some things to yourself. i often think i should do that instead of ''letting it all hang out'' and I disagree, I am certain you could do white!!

Carrie said...

These are great! I religiously keep all the patterned envelopes that get shoved through my door, I see it as free collage paper.