Saturday, March 26, 2011

I walk the line

I love this song so much and found myself humming along to it :) Here are my attempts for Laura's challenge

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Red nose day

I sat down to do some example tangles last night for tangles I have spotted on the internet and not had time to complete. I started with Track lighting by Suzanne Mcneil. I guess watching Comic relief affected me because all of a sudden it was this!
The Next was U-vee by Sandra Strait.
and finally Queen of Hearts

Lots of fun :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well funny how so many of the blogs I have read are saying so many of the things I am thinking - firstly - HOW DOES LAURA KNOW!!!!! Laura has come up with a corker again! I teach right and left brain theory in school all the time, and I tell them all the tim
e about Einstein's brain and how it wasn't bigger or heavier but rather
had more connections between right and left. If we can foster more non dominant activiti
es we make more connections and we become more intelligent! But do I practice what I preach? Not often enough so here we have 2 left handed attempts!
It's tough to work with your non dominant hand, you have to actively ask your hand to relax and then try not to get annoyed when it doesn't listen!!!!
I did this way back a good few years ago on a visit with my kids in school to the Uni in Carmarthen who have a fashion course. This was done with my left hand and as you can see from the following one what the college were trying to teach us was that when we use our non dominant hand we look more - we appreciate proportion more and you can see in my examples this is true....
See short stumpy body in my dominant hand!

In the words of Miranda Hart - such fun!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

and another :)

Found this lovely ink blot and went to town with pen and white pencil to highlight! Have to say i love this one.

Blue challenge

Funny that Laura asked us to work with blue this week, as I had been in a meeting a few weeks ago and had to change biro's part way through :) and this is what I got.
You can see I took little information down in the meeting, you can see the word bilingualism at the top and I am fluent in welsh so was little for me to do before you think how rubbish I must be at work!
I then started playing with envelopes, the security ones you get with the windows from the bank and that, I am doing a workshop on the second of april for a local group and so envelopes are in my psyche at the moment. This was a bue roller ball pen over collaged strips.
This one has just a square of envelope paper
This one I took the idea from the zentangle bog and used a was of blue ink at the back and tried to be influenced by the shapes the ink made.
Lurved this challenge, as I do so love blue :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

More tangles

Mouse ears by Sande Lefaut - did this in like a monotangle again
Love this one is called Hainah by Ildiko - this is a lovely rhythmic tangle pattern, and added feathers to
This one is called banana Leaf and is by Suzanne Mcneil. I enjoyed them all

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Got a bit over excited monotangling

Not sure if this is an official pattern so not sure who to credit
same here
In a pod - Carol Ohl, love this one and look at he subconscious E ( my daughter is Ellie)
Fishnet By Mariet Dronten
Double Florz by Margaret Bremner

Joyo doing these

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tangling and technology

Last week the lovely Julie wrote to me knowing my love of pattern and my joy at finding new tangle patterns particularly - especially after recent rants! (Am calming down about it and not taking it personally athough I still really think this is a minefield). Anyway
told me about this gorgeous work she had done for her C&G. I can tell y
ou this is making it onto my school syllabus - look out year 10! So I decided to play - I found this Arabic logo the one on the top left, and I started playing around with it -cropping sections out and rotating and over lapping etc, I used publisher as I find it a great package for moving things around in - in fact I use it for all my worksheets at school - I have yet to know how to capture from publisher and upload here so had to print off and scan. Here is what I did.....
So I loved doing this - I warn you it is BLOODY ADDICTIVE!!!!! so then I set about making it into a tangle - there will be more using this series I promise you that as the shapes appeal to me so much. I worked out steps that are below, and called it Swalls - combo or swirls and balls :)

Then after working it out I was itching to play and Laura's challenge was just released her monotangle challenge11 - I think that I this was a great challenge and will be playing more with conventional patterns :) So here is my Swalls monotangle :)
When I was done drawing I suddenly realised how drawn I am to similar shapes, I realised that this bears a close resemblance to my tattoo that I have on my back - designed by me. Weird how we are drawn to the same sort of shapes, I'd love to hear the things that keep recurring in your work? Hope you have a play with Swalls of your own - please let me know if you do :) Can't wait to see

Here is the tat about an hour after :)