Monday, March 31, 2008

Make along with Textiles challenges

Well after the sneek peek yesterday, this is what I came up with to make for the make along week on Textile challenges. It is a plastic bag bracelet, complete with re-purposed easter egg foil as decoration. I have some beading left to finish on it and then it is all done. If you would like to make along with us, try here.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teaser for tomorrow's make along

I Thought I would show you here a teaser for the make along we are having on Textile challenges, starting tomorrow. We are using up old carrier bags. Come and join in if you like.
I also made these this week. One for me and one to replace a pin I made for a trade that went missing in the post. I just need to add the pins to the back and then they can be posted/worn!
I made this tonight, a little maze book. It is dead easy to make, and the pages are made from one sheet of paper.
Heres the inside.
I also made this for a friend, I used an ear ring as the decoration, i can't seem to wear anything but real silver these days.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

TIF - Details

Fo this months TIF, I decided to do something with my left over paper towel technique that i spoke about in the previous post, inspired by Michelle Bonds and FAT's technique week. I had these off cuts and a lovely sorta tie dyed bit of paper towel. My focus on the details came in the purity of the lines and couching. If you notice I have kept the couching at 45degree's to the strip. I was careful to keep it like this. I love the way the pieces intersect. Thanks to Sharon again for the impetous.
I just wanted to let any Textiles challenges members know that inspired by Michelle's technique idea and with Nj's kind permisssion I am holding a making party at Textiles challenges all next week. I will release a file each day showing a step to making something. We will be working on a recycling project, using carrier bags. Hope those of you who have been lurking feel like coming to play and anyone who wants to come play but are not already members then follow the link in the sidebar. See you there!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Necklace made

I made my necklace last night and this morning from the nice piece of paper towel I showed yesterday. Here it is:
I added a curl of wire and a piece of cord. I want to make some machined cord though for the others. Here areis a picture of me wearing it. Not a good one I might add as I took it myself. I gave one to my friend Michelle when we met up today.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surfaces and sand

Here is a surface I have been playing with today. I went for a look see over at FAT (Fibreart traders) and they are having a techniques week. They are making the pendant from QA embellishments. So this surface is a paper towel with painted misty fuse. I had previously painted this towel but after the misty fuse I added some blue ink and some extra acrylic. I will be following this up as the week goes on, the lovely Michelle Mrs 007 herself is leading the tutes.
Next I have finished stamping on my apron. What a face! Only a mother would love!!!

And as promised Sand! We went to Llangenith here again. Here is Ellie drawing her mummy, Note the boobs! Nice to see my best assets are on the forfront of her mind!
Ellietook this one of her parents. Rather artistic don't you think? Or it would be if I didn't know it was just Ellie not being able to see the screen because of the flare. A top lovely day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canvas start and happy bunnies

I started on the SIL's canvas. I did the brown first. I added some bronze acrylic glazy type stuff I got in the B&Q sale and this has given a lovely shine.

I decided to use the brush strokes in the larger spaces. I bought some Royal sot grips from Ario and they are fab. I always thought a brush was a brush but these have a lovely smoothness.
I made Lyn's arch for the year long arch trade on Textile challenges, my group today. She wanted an ocean theme, and I had made my glue gun fish for the tutorial. So here it is. I used sequins and copper beads on the fish to give a shiny scales idea to it. I printed the bubbles with the end of one of Ellie's felt tip pens.
Lastly here is one hapy bunny! Ellie may with her bunny. She was sent this great kit by lovely Jan, and she stitched up a storm and made this all by herself in ess than an hour. She overstitched through the holes you can see. Great ha!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I haven't been idle - honest!

Just for you not to think I have been sitting on my bum, idly eating Ellie's easter eggs (wink!) Here'swhat i have been up to:
I have long since had a battle with apron's. I wear mine all day every day in school and most aprons do NOT tke into account anyone over a C cup or a size 20., but after seeing that Helen Cowans had found a good one, i was straight online and found the pattern and bought it from here. I was a little disappointed to find it was scaled for an American size 4, UK 8 - Ha! Never going to happen my friend! So set about sizing it up for a big girl! But despite that I love it, it properly covers the ample bust and is lovely and fitted, so feels flattering (even though the pic is not so! How many chins!!!). This was just a test run, in any nonsense fabric I have now i want to dye up some cotton to make one for workshops, I think I am going to do pink and turquoise and get all those purple's going in between. I haven't got any turquoise here though so it wi have to wait til I go to school. In the mean time I think I might stamp and stencil this one so it is not to plain and then take this one in to school.
Now lovely Margaret nominated me as an inspirational blogger, man what a compliment to this incoherent bunch of ramblings! I have to nominate 10 more people. Now my blog roll is getting ever longer so this is a hard choice, but here we go:
Siani - my sis

Now i am not going to go to each of you lovelies and let you know as I don't want you to have to do it. I hope you happen by here se it and it gives you a smile to know that i think your great and the stuff you do spurs me on to be better. Love carol T

Friday, March 21, 2008

Postcards and other things.

Here are the cards I have been working on. The beading has taken ages, but is worth it I think.
The bottom one is off to Pamela Rice, he left me comment suggesting a trade so off it goes. I recieved my card from her already, but haven't photographed it yet, but i will post that tomorrow with something else I have to photograph. It is lovely.
These ATC's were made from the bits. They are available for trade so just leave me a comment with your email.
Next comes a sketch for a work to be started soon. My siter in law has just moved in with her fella and on a recent visit bought a canvas and asked me to paint it for her new bedroom, so this is the initial sketch. I am just waiting to see if she likes it.
The next 2 pictures are arches i have recieved in the Textile challenges group arch page swap. I run this group and the talent of the ladies astounds me. The first is from Cathy and I know she was nervous with this, but with no good reason as it is gorgeous, so neatly made and with lovely colour combinations. I love it. She also generously sent me a load of fabric, that had all sorts of ymmy lovelyness, and sent loads of bits for Ellie who devoured them like a rabid dog!!! This one was made by Gillian and is so thoughful. She really thought that I would be getting this in the first week of march, just in time for St. David's day. I love it.
Wel I am on a roll, I have lots to do as I have an arch to do for my swap partner and I really want to move with my cuffs during this holiday. I wil post again tomorrow as I have recieved more goodies and have them to show too. Have a great Easter weekend.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Glue gun tutorial and other things.

I have taken some step by step photos to show how I used the glue gun to make my embellishments for my ast set of postcards, so here we go. It is really really easy. I make mine onto baking parchment as this is a lovely surface to work on and then is easy to get back off. Firstly I have drawn my fish shapes in pencil as a guide.

Then I used the glue gun to draw out the shapes. Now do not take these off the baking parchment, if you do when we go onto the next step the glue can distort and be a paint to work with, and that will become clear why in a minute. Now if you wanted to paint this at this point you could, with acrylic or even rub over with metalic rub-on's like treasure gold. I am going to show you what I did though.
I used embossing powders. I re-heated the glue with a heat gun, and that is why it is important not to remove the glue from the parchment. If you break the seal wth the parment when you use the heat tool the glue melts and moves around. When it is hot pour on embossing powders and shake off exces onto a piece of paper to put back into the jar.

Notice in the photo the bottom fish's tail has distorted as it came loose from the parchment when I carried it to the kitchen. Wa-la, nice shiny copper fish! They will be used in a further project later in the week.
This is a piece I have been playing with in the same way. It is my card for Calendar Girls this month. The backgroud is painted kitchen towel that has been stamped and printed using the end of a felt tip lid. The flower was made in the same way as I showed above but before couching down, I thought the petals didn't stand out enough so I glued it with PVA to a piece of white tissue.
This photo shows how raised the glue is. I couched the glue down then. I have to admit to being very pleased with this card.
I wanted to show you what i am working on for my resolved piece for design. I decided to use the idea of the pegs being wrapped based on the idea of a welsh shawl, which was a traditional way to wrap a baby and be hands free. I wrapped a piece of welsh wool around the pegs and then wired it and a strip of fabric paper around the peg and in place. I love them but I now don't know how to display them? Do I peg them to something, and if so what? Do I have them hanging, which is my preferred choice, but if so how, from what? Is putting them in a line too twee? Lots to contemplate.

and in the words of the news, and finally!
I got this little ray of sunhine through the post today. Lovely Lynda (Purplemissus) did me a great favour today, she knows i have been down and she did me a kindness and along with it came this ovely card, which I could look at all day! Thanks lynda, you are a diamond!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glue gun and Credlyn

As usal I am trying to multi task and so I hve been making some cards for the Cerdlyn project and using them as my glue gun challenge. I have made the metal paper a while ago, If you remember I painted textured wall paper with turquoise and then with copper and rubbed back. Last night I made some glue gun shapes, including this dribbly one. I couched this down and beaded it.
For this one I used a sequin waste heart that I had used to print with a while ago and stitched it down. I then added a glue gun checked piece, and beaded.
This last one doesn't have glue gun but was to go to the owner o the gallery to say thanks for all his hard work. (Sorry about the pants picture!)
If you remember the Cerdlyn project is an auction of postcards to raise funds to keep open Plas Glyn y Weddw in Pwlleli, North Wales. If you have any cards then get them to the gallery by the end of the month to help this well deserving gallery stay open. Leave a comment if you would like the address to help out with this.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ario workshop

Had a great day today. If you ever get the chane to do a workshop with the Ario girls, Fiona and Karen, then grab it with both hands. They are local to me, just up the road, but you will see them at many of the shows. We were looking at Stewart Gill pain today and what they can do. i only did one piece really that I will use in my work and that was this one. Using the galactica through a stencil.
We did the excercise from the Stewart Gill book.
Galactica through a stencil on velvet.
Metamica through a stencil which can be blown up with the heat gun, kind like a shiny puff paint.
Galactica with a torn masking tape resist on velvet.
Using the flakes and chips, embelishments
My tests were mounted into a book I made from left over prints from school.
There is cotton rag paper here and air drying clay and blending with a stylus, I bought one!

Here is the front cover of my book. I button hole stitched the book together.
A great and productive day, I really think I know what these paints do and so now I can take them on into my work. Didn't feel like I was especilly creative today but I am quite sure I know how I can use them now in my creative work.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New things

Hia all, firstly thank you all for your kind and generous words. You have been so kind to me the ast few days and i apologise for venting, when I get down it gets me right down. All you lovely messages have helped pull me up.

Anyway neew things to make me feel better. For my City and Guilds this term is based on "Homes". I decided to not do my own home as it is a relatively new buildand of course is stuffed full with Ellie may's things. So I started about Home for me, which is the Welsh Valleys and the mining community. I started to think abou the things my Gran had told me about being a housewife in the valleys, and the wife of a miner. My Gran's mum was taken from the family when my Gran was young (she always told us she had died, but my Dad has since found out she was institutionalised and my Gran was too ashamed to say) So I have been as you know drawing objects from the home, like pegs, and flat irons and alsorts of other. Last weeks task was to make something 3D. Many of the others were working in wire but I wanted to use the pegs. I decided to weave words realated to the jobs of the housewife around the pegs. I also Used an old tea towel to give it some colour. I am really pleased how it turned out.
Love the close up!
I also made some paper a few weeks back and decided to weave these with some of the words I was using for the pegs. I really like these pieces especially the bottom one.