Monday, March 24, 2008

I haven't been idle - honest!

Just for you not to think I have been sitting on my bum, idly eating Ellie's easter eggs (wink!) Here'swhat i have been up to:
I have long since had a battle with apron's. I wear mine all day every day in school and most aprons do NOT tke into account anyone over a C cup or a size 20., but after seeing that Helen Cowans had found a good one, i was straight online and found the pattern and bought it from here. I was a little disappointed to find it was scaled for an American size 4, UK 8 - Ha! Never going to happen my friend! So set about sizing it up for a big girl! But despite that I love it, it properly covers the ample bust and is lovely and fitted, so feels flattering (even though the pic is not so! How many chins!!!). This was just a test run, in any nonsense fabric I have now i want to dye up some cotton to make one for workshops, I think I am going to do pink and turquoise and get all those purple's going in between. I haven't got any turquoise here though so it wi have to wait til I go to school. In the mean time I think I might stamp and stencil this one so it is not to plain and then take this one in to school.
Now lovely Margaret nominated me as an inspirational blogger, man what a compliment to this incoherent bunch of ramblings! I have to nominate 10 more people. Now my blog roll is getting ever longer so this is a hard choice, but here we go:
Siani - my sis

Now i am not going to go to each of you lovelies and let you know as I don't want you to have to do it. I hope you happen by here se it and it gives you a smile to know that i think your great and the stuff you do spurs me on to be better. Love carol T


MargaretR said...

What a lovely surprise Carol! Diolch iti!
That apron will look lovely with some stamping and stencilling on it. Glad to know you didn;t help Ellie to eat her Easter Eggs. I must admit I used to eat all the chocolate from both sons as they only wanted the sweets from the inside.

Doreen G said...

Carol I own 1 apron and it only gets worn when I eat Spag Bol for obvious reasons.

Purple Missus said...

My dear Carol, I never just 'happen' by your blog - I always make a point of visiting, even if I don't get around to commenting. I love your down to earth unpretentious ramblings and add that to the fantastic art you are creating you are definitely on my 'best seller' blogging list. Thank you so much for nominating me, I feel very honoured :))

Genie said...

Hi Just came across your blog from Margarets blog, Loved your Postcards and other things and your glue gun fish