Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surfaces and sand

Here is a surface I have been playing with today. I went for a look see over at FAT (Fibreart traders) and they are having a techniques week. They are making the pendant from QA embellishments. So this surface is a paper towel with painted misty fuse. I had previously painted this towel but after the misty fuse I added some blue ink and some extra acrylic. I will be following this up as the week goes on, the lovely Michelle Mrs 007 herself is leading the tutes.
Next I have finished stamping on my apron. What a face! Only a mother would love!!!

And as promised Sand! We went to Llangenith here again. Here is Ellie drawing her mummy, Note the boobs! Nice to see my best assets are on the forfront of her mind!
Ellietook this one of her parents. Rather artistic don't you think? Or it would be if I didn't know it was just Ellie not being able to see the screen because of the flare. A top lovely day!


Carol said...

Oh that piece is gorgeous, love the colours,

Carol said...

forgot to say the pinnie is a work of art, I made myself a tabard last week out of an old tie dyed cotton sheet.but there are not going to be pictures :)