Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking for the positive

Well I have been in a black mood for far too long lately and have found it hard to find anything positive about 2008 and not really looking forward to 2009, all this credit crunch doom and gloom has really got to me. So inspired by others review of the year I am going to look at the positives.

  1. I gave my first workshop, and it was fun despite being ill.

  2. I had my work in an exhibition in the City Museum.

  3. I made 12 arches.

  4. I made 12 postcards for the calendar girls swap.

  5. I made 12 (I think) ATC's or the lottery on TC.

  6. I made at least 7 christmas gifts.

  7. I started level 4 C+G

  8. I got promoted to Deputy head of faculty ( after 10 years that should maybe be higher on the list!!!)

  9. I had my 8 year wedding anniversary.

  10. My Daughter turned 5.

  11. I embarked on the Soul Journal journey, am temporarily on a hold with this as soo so busy!

  12. I had the second year anniversary of blogging and of my group Textile challenges.

  13. I completed my first online workshop with Lynda and Carol, which was superb.
  14. My class got 100% A-D in Textiles this year.

So a good year really, and I am sure there is loads I can't remember. Hope you all have a great New year and a fab 2009. My resolution is to count my blessings, regularly - here - so that I am not so doom and gloom! What's yours?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last arch of the year! (Don't look Cathy if you want a suprise)

Well the arch swap is finally drawing to a close on Textile Challenges (My group - in the sidebar if you want to come and play). This is my ast arch and it is for a friend I have made through TC and this swap. Cathy has been through a hurricane this year so I am glad to send her this as she has had a rough ish year! She asked for red and yellow and Interesting view. Luckily on the back of a brida magazine I have been harvesting for a while was this amaing ic o a boat and a sunrise/set. I added a wash of red acrylic to it. The outer is appliqued fabric paper which is sheet music and peacock sequins.
I then added vermicelli cable stitch and more sheet music and flower sequins. It came out quite indian, which was a nice suprise, does your work do that, I didn't know I was going there!

Finaly I added a lovely cord sent to me by someone, sorry I forget now who, in my secret santa swap.
I am pleased with it, and I only have to get my head round the C+G coursework now and I am gold!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sue has another!

Sue also had another. Open the 6th folder in your pictures and find the 6th photo and post! So here goes:

Ha! This is mad, I did this completely blind, and the folder happens to be one my Mum uploaded from Shrewsbury flower show. Of all the pics on my pc or it to be one I have not seen, was nothing to do with me, bonkers!!!!!

Closest book to you!

Saw this on Morning dove's blog, which lead me to Sue's book challenge. This lead me to open the nearest book to me, Angie Hughes' "Stitch, cloth paper and paint" and turn to page 56 and find the 5th sentance and post it here. So here goes :

Wrap the thread around the whole book two or three times, passing it under the embellishment, and let it hang down. "

There we go, fun!!!. So grab the nearest book to you and find page 56, find the 5th sentance and post it! Tickled me!!! Let me know if you do!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas everybody

Just wanted to say Happy Christmas to you all and a happy chanukah to Cathy in particular. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and a great New year. I wil be glad to see the back of 2008 and hope 2009 kicks ass!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My clever sister

I haven't mentioned here yet my little sis has set up her shop. She is now seling all over the world hats and visors and all sorts of other lovelinesses, including amazing crochet jewellery. She designs and makes especially for skiers and snowboarders (she is a boarder) Here are some examples of what she does.

If you would like to have a look closer, her prices are mega reasonable, check her out here at Snowhats.co.uk
NOTE - Her web host has cocked up her site and are trying to fix it asap. I wil repost whe it is up and going again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finished class sample and calendar girls last card of the year

Here is my last card of the year for Calendar girls, I have steered away from the flower theme this time, being a bit fed up of them!I used my class left overs to make this card with a pocket in and lovely glass beads with holly, wreath and snowflake on them. I added a tree of fabric paper metal repair tape and gesso. Hope Deb likes this.
I finished my class sample from the workshop I took last week and it is all made up into a cone.I am sending this one to a friend and can't say too much as it is a secret! Here are some details:

And the final thing!

I made some softie's and a pyjama bag for a friend's chld for christmas, of course I had to make another for Ellie too! I wil take a pic and show it later in the week. Chat soon!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blue hare - New blog to check out

My friend Deb has been someone I have mentioned lots of times here, she sells her fab hand painted and hand dyed fabrics on Etsy and Ebay, and girls they are lovely! Well she inally bit the bullet and got a blog so go see her, tell her I sent you and wish her luck. This is a bad shot of her piece from Saturday. She has better on her blog. HERE

What I did on Saturday

On Saturday I gave my very first workshop. It was very nerve wracking as the group are much accomplished and I had a case of raging flu and was to be honest barely conscious at times!!!! These were my class samples. They were based on Fabric cones, like Ruth Rae did in QA, but with a Carol spin on things. I think everyone had fun despite me being a bit below par. Still off work today but starting to feel a little better. Ellie has her school concert today so I better be a little better!!!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008


I sold my Daring dove painting!!!!! My first sale! A good friend of mine Deb bought it I am so pleased as I can't think of a nicer person to have it, not that that's a criteria!!!! I am so chuffed!!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back on the horse... and then some!

Well when I get my groove back i do not argue with it and have been sewing like a nutter this weekend. I have been working on some class samples for my workshop on Saturday - it is a scary prospect to be leading these talented and amazing ladies, but I am hoping they will just be up for some fun and christmas frivolity! I am doing mixed media and making fabric cones, more on them later this week.
In the mean time I have been making softie monsters for christmas presents. I made 2 for a friends children, Ellie's best friend in fact, and of course what ever Rhiannon get's so must Ellie so the second red one is in the sticky mitts of my daughter, who admittedly deserves a treat after having 6 teeth out. To all of you who have to see your children go under anaesthetic for more serious things my hat is of to you, I did not enjoy seeing her fight the anaesthetic, she was remarkably fantastic however and is pretty much back to normal.
I also made and apron to wear at my workshop. I found this mega fabric in my ocal Dunelm mill, it was a reduced to £2 shower curtain so ideal for an apron, and don't you love that print. I added these heart decorations to the pocket.
My inspiration was from one I saw Ruth Rae had made. I made up the pattern myself having bought one not so long ago and it stil not accomodating my ample bosom! I just drafted it straight off onto me! The top includes darts, and the whole is fully lined. The strap over my neck is some Hawaian nuts i sent for and adore! I added 2 padded hearts to the join of the string.

Love the jama's!!!!
Finally my finished card for calendar girls is done, and when I work out for sure who it is for i will send it!!!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Folksy shop reductions

Hia all just to say I have made some reductions on my Folksy shop, check them out if you like my Doves, they are a bargain. Love carol t

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Back from the wilderness

Hia all, I am back from the wilderness, I have been in the wilds of my own brain for a while. When she was up she was up and when she was down she was deep deep down! Anyway nuff said! Here are what have pulled me out of my cavern! This halloween treat is late but will be on the way to Cathy soon.
This ATC is for Marga and was part of the motif lottery on Textile challenges. It is a background of wrapping paper fabric paper and gold lurex. Marga's motif was a moon, so I went for a festive feel.

This arch is for Hannah and was made by laying down lace and then painting with emulsion and then acrylic and highlighted with bronze acrylic. I love it!!!!!

I am behind with my calendar girls postcard but getting there slowly This needs to be made into a postcard but will be my offering. I used Carol Mcfee's technique of using wallpaper and moulding paste. I then painted over with acrylic and highlighted again with bronze.

I messed with this one on PS elements I love the contrast and would love to play with this more when I get 5!!!!

Hope you are all well and would love to hear from you, my self imposed exile is over come on let me have it, how are things in your world???????