Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back on the horse... and then some!

Well when I get my groove back i do not argue with it and have been sewing like a nutter this weekend. I have been working on some class samples for my workshop on Saturday - it is a scary prospect to be leading these talented and amazing ladies, but I am hoping they will just be up for some fun and christmas frivolity! I am doing mixed media and making fabric cones, more on them later this week.
In the mean time I have been making softie monsters for christmas presents. I made 2 for a friends children, Ellie's best friend in fact, and of course what ever Rhiannon get's so must Ellie so the second red one is in the sticky mitts of my daughter, who admittedly deserves a treat after having 6 teeth out. To all of you who have to see your children go under anaesthetic for more serious things my hat is of to you, I did not enjoy seeing her fight the anaesthetic, she was remarkably fantastic however and is pretty much back to normal.
I also made and apron to wear at my workshop. I found this mega fabric in my ocal Dunelm mill, it was a reduced to £2 shower curtain so ideal for an apron, and don't you love that print. I added these heart decorations to the pocket.
My inspiration was from one I saw Ruth Rae had made. I made up the pattern myself having bought one not so long ago and it stil not accomodating my ample bosom! I just drafted it straight off onto me! The top includes darts, and the whole is fully lined. The strap over my neck is some Hawaian nuts i sent for and adore! I added 2 padded hearts to the join of the string.

Love the jama's!!!!
Finally my finished card for calendar girls is done, and when I work out for sure who it is for i will send it!!!!!


arlee said...

Hello, Sweetie! The pockets make it just adorable---and those horrible scary terrible yikesy monsters are fab :}
Stay--and go--with the flow, Babe!

Sandy said...

That's a good apron. The monsters are cute.

Alis said...

Well when you get back on the horse you really go for it!
Great work, love the apron and the monsters are super cute but, who ever gets the postcard with be thrilled I am certain.

Angelcat said...

Glad to see that you are feeling inspired again. Those little monsters are adorable!

Cathy W said...

Wonderful stuff you've made! I love it all & am totally envious of the Calendar girls, especially the lucky recipient of your card!

One day, when I can keep to a deadline, I'd love to trade cards like this too.

Julie said...

Excellent apron and lovely scaries! Keep your mojo working!