Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My clever sister

I haven't mentioned here yet my little sis has set up her shop. She is now seling all over the world hats and visors and all sorts of other lovelinesses, including amazing crochet jewellery. She designs and makes especially for skiers and snowboarders (she is a boarder) Here are some examples of what she does.

If you would like to have a look closer, her prices are mega reasonable, check her out here at Snowhats.co.uk
NOTE - Her web host has cocked up her site and are trying to fix it asap. I wil repost whe it is up and going again.


hippopip said...

Have a very Happy Christmas Carole,and I cant get your sisters link to work

Purple Missus said...

Two very creative girls in one family, splendid - and I feel sure Ellie will follow suit. :)
Have a wonderful Christmas my friend and I do hope things look up for you in the New Year.
Speak soon. Take care.