Friday, January 21, 2011

This week I was in the paper and on the radio

weirdly embarrassing I was in the paper and the radio this week to promote the gym by telling the story of my 5stone weightloss :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sketchbook is winging it's way to Brooklyn, I finally got up the courage :)

Well it is finally done :) I ummmed and arrrred and then Brooklyn art library went and moved the deadline from the Friday to the Monday and my decision was made. I got my finger out and did it. It resulted in some lovely free work. I photographed it and scanned it and then the night before I added to two pages so I colour photocopied it :) So here it is
Front cover - polyfiller and acrylic layers
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 - drawn with feathers :)
Page 4 - Drawing with spaghetti and ink
Page 5 - scraped acrylic and ink drawings
Page 6 - polyfiller
Page 7 - Stencil stuck to kitchen paper background and biro

Page 8 - Kitchen paper and ink using stencil
Page 9 - Acrylic scraping with oil pastel
Page 10 - Stencil and ink on kitchen paper
Page 11 - Rubbing of stencil and water colour pencils and biro
Page 12 - Stencil and left over kitchen strips - this has been worked into but haven't scanned the photocopy yet
Page 13 - Stitched piece
Page 14 - Stitched piece
Page 15 - Stitched piece - kitchen paper on cotton with stencil in acrylic and biro and stitch
Page 16 - -mono print background with colour pencil and gel pen - see how the deadline encouraged freedom!!!! from here on in
Page 17 - Acrylic scraped paper and colour pencil and permanent pen
Page 18 - stamped page and colour pencil
Page 19 - Stamped page with biro under gesso and acrylic
Page 20 - Aluminium tape and magazine pages under scratched gesso with acrylic.
Page 21 - painted page with ink bob and closing the book technique, I worked more into this page too and will need to scan the photocopy.
I am really happy with it in the end, and to allow it into the world. I found working so quickly and freely a liberating thing and so will try to remember this. I did masses of research on stone inscriptions for this project and kept this in my notebook separately and so there will be more work I think :) Hope you liked it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sketchbook project

Doesn't look like my sketchbook wil be finished in time for fridays mailing, i just have too much day job stuff on. I suppose it is no loss as I get to keep it? Or should I try??????? what to do