Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some tangles I have been playing with

First of all I am a bit annoyed tat tanging seems to have an edge. This whole thing about "who" they belong to. I am aware that people spend time making these patterns up - but everything is derivative and we are often influenced by similar things - even at a subconscious level - but surely by sharing them the aim is for others to use them in their work and develop and grow. I am new ish to tangling and I posted the steps I had copied to learn the patterns - not out of malice or to steal - but to show working through the design - the process. Like I say new to this and I corrected my actions - not thinking about how this might stop traffic to others sites I removed the images and apologised publicly.
Now, I want to credit the people who have created these patterns and when I am learning something new as these images below will show I credit the thing I am learning - there is no time to look back and link to every last pattern - life is too bloody short! I just want to share what I have done with people on here, I don't want anyone to think I created them ( athough it is my hand that drew them and put them together in this way)
So Weequash by Mollossus
Purk by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
and Bullet holz by Cookie

It has left a sour taste, and I feel like I can no longer share maybe.I really thought tanging was about zen and enjoyment and sharing what you put together. Not feeling the vibe

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hearts and flowers

Here is a better version my the pattern I made up - based on inspiration from a Pre-war Iraqi bank note, brought back by a friend in the army.
Here are my exampes:

Thanks to Sandra for featuring me here

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone who has commented of late. I always try to get back to people for taking the time to say such lovely things, but lots of people ately have the no reply thing set. So sorry for the non personal thank you but know that every comment is truely valued :)

Challenge number 10 - the space between

this is my final piece for Laura's - The space between challenge, I really enjoyed making this work. I couldn't leave the spaces completely blank, made them feel like bubbles squeezing through I hope! It features shiney stripes by Jo in NZ
This is my practice piece for finny's florets by Liz Selkirk it also features shiney stripes and lampie by Jane Monk

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I had a go at 2 new patterns

I had a go at 2 new patterns this week, the first is spinning by Mariel Drotten and I really enjoyed the shading example I did on my step by step guide so did this in pencil and colour pencil. I was thinking about Laura's spaces, challenge 10, and so left a space but I don't think this is my challenge piece! Doesn't feel like a best example of spaces.
The second pattern is actually 2 Fern and it's little brother Nerfy by Jane Monk. Really love this one :) LURVE spirals and this combined with Jo in NZ's shaded stripes is really pleasing I enjoyed this one.

Monday, February 21, 2011


When I saw the pattern Trentwith by Terri Greenberg posted about on Molossus blog I thought Rennie Macintosh straight away, so I had a glance atgoogle images, just one glance I promise, then shut it and came up with this. Thanks Terri and Sandra :)

Tangle steps

I have just been editing my blog as I made a huge mistake in posting the steps to others patterns, was just showing my process but didn't realise that this was not the done thing, while I did credit the designer, sorry for any offence, was a genuine mistake. Thanks to the person who alerted me.

Doodles a plenty

have been really enjoying zentangling lately, was just philosophizing about why on another blog.... I have often said that zentangling saves my sanity! but I decided on "focused freedom" I never feel constrained while drawing these designs, never think things are going wrong! they are marginally planned but mainly not to be honest. They focus the whole of my mind and allow me to escape the crap that pervades my life (a lot - work, hub's illness) and by focusing I get to be free! see :) I have been using my yoga breathing of late while I do them, and that is really making a difference too, funny how two seemingly different parts of my life have found kinship.
So this one adding colour.

Tangle using Laura's artoo, Suzanne Mcneil's pyramid.

Practicing Cookie's Florez, and Carole Ohl's lava juice.

This one is Molossus' Caviar :)

This one is for Laura's last challenge, she designed this while her littly was in hospital and named it for him, I LURVE it, has such lovely flow and really appeals to my naturalistic style.
So here is my tile :)
Funny Laura's new challenge is using space, and weird how I have been thinking about that already in this piece. Looking forward to this next challenge.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drawing from inspiration - pardon the pun

Starting to think about the workshop I am giving in April and design sources and decided to give Karen's idea of gathering inspiration sources around you. So I made this collage and started with a collage of shapes.
I then drew with pencil in my right (strongest) hand.
I then drew with my left hand and used colour pencils to fill in some shapes.
I am not happy with this work at all but the collage as good inspiration and so will try again tomorrow :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first original tangle pattern

Here are the instructions to my first original tangle pattern :) Hope you like it, some one told me it looks like blackwork but was inspired by an iraqi bank note

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Challenge number 8

Challenge number 8 set by Laura is a very special one for her little baby boy. We had to create a heart using 2 of the challenges from before. Go read Laura's story she is having a devil of a time and I wish her lots of luck. I chose a 2 pencil string as I just can not seem to get to grips with using them and producing nice shape (still haven't fathomed it properly - any advice welcome) and stary eyed surprise as I din't do that challenge. I used Laura's cookie cutter idea for the 3 main stars and then improvised the rest. I wanted to use red as it is coming so close to valentines. I used, hollibough, striping, beaded, zedbra and tipple. I have to say I am well pleased with it

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tangly fun

I have seriously got in to tangles of late, knowing how to draw the patterns has really intruiged me for a while so at christmas I started keeping a sketchbook - like a vocabulary of patterns, with steps and then a sampler, like this ....
Then I found this blog, and started fiddling with the challenges. This one is tangle my name...
Ixorus, turned into a heart :)....
This is just a sampler of patterns I have been researching...
and finally I started tinkering with patterns of my own creation, I looked around my stuff in the room and came up with these, no idea if they are "original" but they were made up by ooking at my room.