Monday, February 21, 2011

Doodles a plenty

have been really enjoying zentangling lately, was just philosophizing about why on another blog.... I have often said that zentangling saves my sanity! but I decided on "focused freedom" I never feel constrained while drawing these designs, never think things are going wrong! they are marginally planned but mainly not to be honest. They focus the whole of my mind and allow me to escape the crap that pervades my life (a lot - work, hub's illness) and by focusing I get to be free! see :) I have been using my yoga breathing of late while I do them, and that is really making a difference too, funny how two seemingly different parts of my life have found kinship.
So this one adding colour.

Tangle using Laura's artoo, Suzanne Mcneil's pyramid.

Practicing Cookie's Florez, and Carole Ohl's lava juice.

This one is Molossus' Caviar :)

This one is for Laura's last challenge, she designed this while her littly was in hospital and named it for him, I LURVE it, has such lovely flow and really appeals to my naturalistic style.
So here is my tile :)
Funny Laura's new challenge is using space, and weird how I have been thinking about that already in this piece. Looking forward to this next challenge.



I'm loving those seed pod shapes, if that what they are.

Joy said...

I love your bold use of line. Very dramatic! Can't wait to see what you do with your open spaces!

i am the diva said...

hee hee, i'm glad you lurrve it! ;)

karen said...

these are great, I especially love the colour one...