Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some tangles I have been playing with

First of all I am a bit annoyed tat tanging seems to have an edge. This whole thing about "who" they belong to. I am aware that people spend time making these patterns up - but everything is derivative and we are often influenced by similar things - even at a subconscious level - but surely by sharing them the aim is for others to use them in their work and develop and grow. I am new ish to tangling and I posted the steps I had copied to learn the patterns - not out of malice or to steal - but to show working through the design - the process. Like I say new to this and I corrected my actions - not thinking about how this might stop traffic to others sites I removed the images and apologised publicly.
Now, I want to credit the people who have created these patterns and when I am learning something new as these images below will show I credit the thing I am learning - there is no time to look back and link to every last pattern - life is too bloody short! I just want to share what I have done with people on here, I don't want anyone to think I created them ( athough it is my hand that drew them and put them together in this way)
So Weequash by Mollossus
Purk by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
and Bullet holz by Cookie

It has left a sour taste, and I feel like I can no longer share maybe.I really thought tanging was about zen and enjoyment and sharing what you put together. Not feeling the vibe


Thimble Fingers said...

Well said!

dianehobbit said...

From your blog, I always got the impression you were developing ideas having learnt a technique. I don't feel that you gave the impression that you had invented or that these were purely original ideas. You often made refererence to other people, as i went on another site rec by you and then purchased their book. a lesson learnt for all of us!

Taoknitter said...

I only recently came across this attempt to take credit (the zentangle people) for something I have been doing for 40 years!! Fascinating how others want to claim a creative outlet as their own...way to kill it, boneheads. Don't let it get you down. Keep on doing your thing...they can't stop you! Give your work your own quirky name.

Sande said...

I agree with you and taoknitter. 'nothing new under the sun' I can remember doing designs like these back in the early '80s in art classes. And with no fancy name. I do want to participate in the zentangle group, however, so am trying to 'play by the rules'. Your sense of design is superb. Don't get discouraged by the grumps in the groups. And thank you for sharing your patternss freely - maybe you'll start a trend.