Thursday, March 06, 2008

New things

Hia all, firstly thank you all for your kind and generous words. You have been so kind to me the ast few days and i apologise for venting, when I get down it gets me right down. All you lovely messages have helped pull me up.

Anyway neew things to make me feel better. For my City and Guilds this term is based on "Homes". I decided to not do my own home as it is a relatively new buildand of course is stuffed full with Ellie may's things. So I started about Home for me, which is the Welsh Valleys and the mining community. I started to think abou the things my Gran had told me about being a housewife in the valleys, and the wife of a miner. My Gran's mum was taken from the family when my Gran was young (she always told us she had died, but my Dad has since found out she was institutionalised and my Gran was too ashamed to say) So I have been as you know drawing objects from the home, like pegs, and flat irons and alsorts of other. Last weeks task was to make something 3D. Many of the others were working in wire but I wanted to use the pegs. I decided to weave words realated to the jobs of the housewife around the pegs. I also Used an old tea towel to give it some colour. I am really pleased how it turned out.
Love the close up!
I also made some paper a few weeks back and decided to weave these with some of the words I was using for the pegs. I really like these pieces especially the bottom one.


Julie said...

I like the bottom piece too Carol as well as your peg weaving. Funnily enough I thought about using dolly pegs in my February Take it Further piece. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more positive today :) Hang in there!

Doreen G said...

OOOO lovely Carol--very clever.
Keep smiling

SianaBanana said...

Hi Sis,
You know what, i have been exactly the same recently. Me and you are not so different, must run in the family. On the way back up again now though.

I think my problem is that i get too enthusiastic about everything and want to do everything, and then feel like i cant get everything done. Often putting the more important things on the back burner which makes me more stressed out in the long run.

Thank god that Tony is a project manager, he mas made me a project plan of my life so i can get a bit more perspective. Feel tonnes better now.

Hopefully see you tomorrow :)


Cathy W said...

These are neat -- I like these dimensional pieces, especially the pegs & their story too. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better (I've got to keep up better so I can send chipper notes sooner).