Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teaser for tomorrow's make along

I Thought I would show you here a teaser for the make along we are having on Textile challenges, starting tomorrow. We are using up old carrier bags. Come and join in if you like.
I also made these this week. One for me and one to replace a pin I made for a trade that went missing in the post. I just need to add the pins to the back and then they can be posted/worn!
I made this tonight, a little maze book. It is dead easy to make, and the pages are made from one sheet of paper.
Heres the inside.
I also made this for a friend, I used an ear ring as the decoration, i can't seem to wear anything but real silver these days.


Guzzisue said...

I would love to join but not sure if I have the time.....if only I didn't have to work : (

Cathy W said...

Carol, your teaser is too much fun -- can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!

and I've been planning to use my onesie earrings (once a pair, then one went wandering away ...) in some of my BJP pieces -- thanks for the reminder!