Friday, March 18, 2011


Well funny how so many of the blogs I have read are saying so many of the things I am thinking - firstly - HOW DOES LAURA KNOW!!!!! Laura has come up with a corker again! I teach right and left brain theory in school all the time, and I tell them all the tim
e about Einstein's brain and how it wasn't bigger or heavier but rather
had more connections between right and left. If we can foster more non dominant activiti
es we make more connections and we become more intelligent! But do I practice what I preach? Not often enough so here we have 2 left handed attempts!
It's tough to work with your non dominant hand, you have to actively ask your hand to relax and then try not to get annoyed when it doesn't listen!!!!
I did this way back a good few years ago on a visit with my kids in school to the Uni in Carmarthen who have a fashion course. This was done with my left hand and as you can see from the following one what the college were trying to teach us was that when we use our non dominant hand we look more - we appreciate proportion more and you can see in my examples this is true....
See short stumpy body in my dominant hand!

In the words of Miranda Hart - such fun!!!!

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Daniele OBrien Design said...

Very fun, I love your non-dominant fashion sketches!