Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue challenge

Funny that Laura asked us to work with blue this week, as I had been in a meeting a few weeks ago and had to change biro's part way through :) and this is what I got.
You can see I took little information down in the meeting, you can see the word bilingualism at the top and I am fluent in welsh so was little for me to do before you think how rubbish I must be at work!
I then started playing with envelopes, the security ones you get with the windows from the bank and that, I am doing a workshop on the second of april for a local group and so envelopes are in my psyche at the moment. This was a bue roller ball pen over collaged strips.
This one has just a square of envelope paper
This one I took the idea from the zentangle bog and used a was of blue ink at the back and tried to be influenced by the shapes the ink made.
Lurved this challenge, as I do so love blue :)


Mags said...

Hi Carol. It's been ages since we were in touch. I love, love your blue work and I'm not really a blue person :)

janee said...

I just love the collaged envelope pieces all tangled. Beautiful! I can't wait to give that a try. Fun, fun, fun. Carol, I also had to laugh at your note taking, it's the same way I take notes!

Sande said...

All of the are very nice and also interesting, especially the ones on the blue security envelope pieces. Tangling around ink washes is fun.

stART said...

All of these artworks are fabulous! You are obviously a good friend of blue.

Daniele OBrien Design said...

Love these pieces and what a wonderful creative thing to do with Sucky bills paper! You go girl!!!

i am the diva said...

i've been dying to try Maria's method with the ink and finding the flow from there. beautiful work.