Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ladies gorgeous design work

Here's me drawing ! Check out my lush scar, and why after all this dieting and loosing 5 stone do I still have sausage fingers!!!!!
I am not even going to try to remember who is who's have a look these are the collages they produced.

Love these last 2 especially. More later on the work they did with the envelopes.


stART said...

Too cool! Great scar, and OMG, you have really lost FIVE STONE? You go, girl!

karen said...

great scar, great work and sympathy from a fellow sausage fingered's just not fair!

Purple Missus said...

Sausage fingers *LOL* Never heard that one before. I'm sure all eyes will be on your body now and not your fingers. :)
The work your ladies produced in the workshop look brilliant - you are obviously an excellent teacher. I don't blame you for keeping your technique quiet, it looks very intriguing. I'm sure this workshop will be the first of many once word gets around. Well done you. :))