Sunday, April 03, 2011

Loving my Curves

After curve starvation last week I was back in the zone and my place of comfort. I love Laura's title as I am so trying to learn to love my curves. Have been very hard on myself of late, having lost the 5 stone I am a bit stuck and went through a bit of a crisis, but persevering and have lost 6lb in the last 4 weeks :) My body doesn't want to shift the last 3 stone as quick as the first 5, long to be normal looking, normal size, not be the fattest, slowest and most puffed out at the gym. But I have to accept that it is slow and slow is good :)


Joni said...

Carol, your curves are looking great! I love the sharp contrast that they have. These are curves you and love!

Sande said...

Beautiful job on both of these, Carol.