Saturday, August 26, 2006

Postcard example

This is a photo of the knid of work I have been doing. I am really proud of this one. I made it for a birthday on the fiberartistintl, yahoo group, it was for Ramona. I painted and shrank the tyvek and then attatched it to the patchwork with beads and sequins. The feathers were left over from making over my wedding facinator, I took it apart as it looked like a red indian headdress!!! I loved the shiny dance fabric I used here, but it was a bugger to sew as it has so much stretch.


Helen in the UK said...

Welcome to blogger! I love your postcard - great design and colour. Will check back regularly to see more of your creations :)

Maureen said...

Found you via your message on FiberArtTraders!
Look forward to seeing more in your blog.

Carol said...

Hia Maureen,
I'm not with fiberart traders? I don't know how it got on there? Any ideas?
From Carol

MargaretR said...

Welcome to the blogging world Carol. The card is lovely.
Margaret in North Wales!

Maureen said...

Maybe I was having senior moments again!