Monday, September 24, 2007

Lovely post and making a start.

I have had lovely post in recent weeks so i thought i would share some with you. The first is from Elizabeth. It is for the colour combinations swap on Alis' Unlimited textiles group. I love the richness of the velvet thatnk Elizabeth.
I got this gorgeous paper and stitch card from Anna for my birthday, what a treat I love it thanks Anna you never fail to inspire me to push things a bit further.
This is the first of 2 quilties I have recieved from Unlimited textiles group swap. I love this size to work on and this gorgeous piece is from Sandy. This is lovely, i love pieceing and am rubish at it so now i have a nice bit!
Sue (Papoosue) sent me this little gem, a silk fusion quilty for the same swap. i love the delicacy of it and am so thankful Sue for such a lovely addition.

I think I will make these into a book , like a concertina. i think this will be a lovely way to display them.
Now to me! I have been avoiding and tired to be honest so I have started at last. I have 3 swaps owing, a quilty, a post card and an ATC for a friends birthday. So i started with a similar technique of printing. I used a bit of the painted fabric from my workshop day and am adding some scrim. Here is a quick and distorted glimps, i will show you them all once they are finished.


Judy Scott said...

What fabulous eye candy, all such beautiful treasures and all so different. Look forward to seeing your masterpieces ~ the colours are gorgeous, Judy :)

Carol said...

They are all beautiful treasures Carol how wonderful for you.