Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Folksy shop

I have decided to open a folksy shop, the idea being that I might make some dosh to fund my art. I decided to start with some collage/paintngs. So here are Darling Dove 1 and 2. If you want to take a look try here. Thanks for looking. PS, you won't get a hard sell here from me!


Carol said...

ooer what is a Folksy, never heard of it but good luck anyway

Jackie said...

I apologise for the hard sell on my blog this time!

Sandy said...

Good luck. The colors are yummy.

SianaBanana said...

Just a note sis, your link on your side bar to folksy, should this go straight to you, rather than the folksy front page. Just a thought.


Margarita Korioth said...

Your art is beautiful.

We had some things in common I'm also an early childhood teacher and like layering techniques!

You asked me how I did the layered squares for the mixed media books I made? Well, first I dyed the fabric, then I applied painted wondaweb or mistyfuse, then I ironed on dry flowers from my garden, pieces of thread ,of poly cloth, then I sew with chunky threads here and there.I applied a little foil and when I'm happy with that I iron on dyed scrim and go back and zap with the hot gun and with a pair of scissors I cut back some other parts...and voila!!

I'm glad we met and I'm looking forward to share more with you.

I'm new at blogging...learning in every step. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate another peoples blog addresses in my site; do I need to ask permission to them?

abrazos(hugs)from the other side of the pond Marga

Linda said...

Carol - I thought I'd sent you a comment but I can't see it anywhere.
Just wanted to say thanks for the quote and good luck with the shop; I'm sure you'll do well.
Love Linda x

Anne said...

These doves are very pretty! :-)