Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey all

Hia all I am so sorry to have been so illusive of late. I have been working my butt off. Literally. I have managed to drop a whole dress size and have neary got rid of 2! I have started excercising again and am feeling wonderful. Thank you to those who are giving me the motivation to kick myself into doing it. I am managing to do 22K on the bike everyday so I am feeling fab.
In addition to this I am working really hard on my journal / thematic sketchbook for textile inspiration course that Lynda and Carol's Fibre in form are going to be selling starting sometime in June. I am so excited about this but can't show too much. Here is something I have been working on for it as a sneak peek. I hope it will be a success and people will want to have a go, it is going to be reasonably priced so hopefully those who have difficulty with the design side of things will want to come and check it out. More information will follow. 
So if I am quiet this is where Iam!


June said...

congrats on the weight loss and well done on the fitness. Love the beautiful sneak peek it is intriguing .. shall look out for more
Hugs June xxx


I have just signed up for the course and found your blog all in the same day! How fortuitous! Best wishes,Carolyn

Sandy said...

That's a nice sample. Congratulations on the size/weight loss. That's a great acccomplishment. I'm proud of you.

Purple Missus said...

Great news about the weight loss - maybe I should get an exercise bike :)
And for anyone reading this, Carol's workshop is looking really good already. :)