Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bit scared

Hia all, To be honest I am a bit scared to write , I haven't for ages and have been hiding from the world. I haven't had a lot to say and have not been very creative. I have been battling with some life struggles and there just hasn't been room for anything else.

Anyway an update, I have been carrying on with the gym and have now lost 3 stone 9lb, and feel the fittest and healthiest I have felt for a hundred years :) This is how I look now

Lot better ha! I went to a military ball recently and got all glammed up in the corset I made, felt fantastic, although I now have to make another as the boning in this one is now too long as I have shrunk by 5 inches all over :)
Anyway I have done a little something creative lately, made these
e buntings for Christmas, one in Welsh and one in English for the bi-lingual household.

We went on the Santa train with snow falling and everything :) Had to show you this cute pic of my pair :)

and the 3 of us :)

and lastly I went on an amazing Christmas workshop in December - called "white until the night" with my old tutor Enid Davies. We started off by doing a drawing of Christmas things and then scanned it and printed the image off to use as a template for cutting and applique in shades of white, in a variety of textures.

We then scanned in the applique and manipulated the image with photo shop, this was just one of mine.
Then we printed the best one off on to sticky back paper and used a section of it to make a Christmas card - do you love it ???? I do ! Was an amazing course, I really enjoyed it.

Hope you can all forgive my long absence and I hope to get back to something like more regular blogging, I am still taking a day at a time, so we shall see :)


Susan D said...

Hi Carol
Well done on the weight loss, it can be so hard but you look great.

Glad to hear life is getting better for you and best wishes for the New Year.

Carol said...

Thanks Susan so much :)

Jan said...

great to have you back .... have REALLY missed you and you look absolutley fabulous.Loving the stunning work you produced with Edith.Jan xxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Carol. And ,wow, well done on the weight loss. Have embarked on that one as well and it's a long road ahead of me. Good to see that it can done though! Hope your life get together again in 2010 and that you can vent your creativity!

Pat said...

You look great, I particularly like the Welsh bunting.

Carol said...

It's good to see you blogging again Carol. I too have cut back on blogging as much somehow it takes over without you knowing. You are looking fantastic and it's good to see you are working things through. I hope the New Year brings you all you wish for.

Love and huge hugs,

Carol in Snowy and Icy Scotland!

Julie said...

Nothing to forgive Carol. You look fantastic, well done! The workshop looks good fun and a great result.

Val said...

Nice to see ya Carol, to see you nice - and looking so perky too! Congrats. on the weight loss, and I love the white on white piece, even before you 'played' with it on the pooter.
Happy, healthy and creative New Year to you and all the family - may it be more peaceful for you all than 2009. Val

Jacquelines blog said...

Your forgiven! Good to have you back!


You must have worked so hard at your weight loss, it's not easy, congratulations ... you look amazing!

I love the whitework embroidery piece you created at the workshop. It's beautiful and very "snowy" just like your santa train trip. It sounds so magical

Happy new year and hope your wishes all come true


Sandy..... said...

Glad you're picking you're head up~! Hubby and I both have been on year 1/2 journey with eight loss surgery and I certainly know how life struggles and weight issues become so closely inter-twined!
Love this inside. The outside constantly changes with weight, medical status, goes on and on. Love the inside!

Sandy..... said...
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