Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New watch strap

Hia am trying to get back into blogging small things routinely. I made this tonight, my watch got pinched on holidays and the one I have been using has a really uncomfortable strap, so much so I have not had it on for abut 2 weeks. I cut the strap off and used old denim. I added strips to hold the face down and zig zaged with the reverse for a bit of a pattern. I added vecro and binding to the ends. I am so chuffed with how soft it is to wear and how proffessional it looks :)


Carol said...

It looks fab Carol, nice to see you back,
I am a bad blogger at the moment, need more hours in the day

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carol that sucks about your watch, love what you've done with this one though it looks great on you. Thanks for your message on my uni blog any info you have would be great - good look with teaching the subject :) loads of love Judy x

siouxfairy said...

wow very cool strap for watch, i really love it :D


What a fabulous idea!

Just stopped by to say I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year

Best wishes

karen said...

Hi Carol, just stopping by to say thanks for the great comment! I hope you are well, Karen