Monday, October 20, 2008

Cathy's challenge

Cathy Of Winter Wanderings challenged me to get some stuf done this weekend and as I was behind with a few things, which i HATE I made some postcards and ATC's. This one is for Annette and is based on the book the Labarynth. It is hand made felt - my first ever piece!
The next is my embellishment lottery swap for Kate and I literally drew the short straws, and got Straws as my embellishment. I did like using them actually!
The next samples are for Lynda and Carol's Fibre in form workshop, if you haven't signed up, it is worth it's weight in gold and the £30 fee is a snip! Snip get it! I am on fire today, one of my kids asked why she had written down cotton duck on her book, and I said I asked you too, your not Quackers!!!!! Then proceeded to make myself completely uncool by laughing my head off!
I digress I have couched lots of yummy threads and some texture wallpaper to do these samples. I also cut lots of tyvek and did stuff with it, but it is ready to stitch and I haven't had time yet, so boring till I have done that!

I decided I may as well work some motifs from the armour sheet while I was on it and so I am still working on this one. I LOVE how this one has turned out. I can't wait to do more.

If you are thinking wow what's going to happen here then hop over to Fibre in form and sign up or keep it in mind for the next round of classes, it will be the best £30 you will have ever spent, I guarantee it! Carol and Lynda's tutorials make all these awe-inspiring techniques seem easy! I am having fun, at last!


Carol said...

thank you Carol, glad to see its got the creative juices going :)

Jan said...

YEAH ... you're off and running with some impressive stuff, hats off to the fibre in form girls.Just had to get myself signed up too.
J x

Sandy said...

You have been busy.

Genie said...

lovely work

Jane B. said...

What a beautiful shade of blue - like the Aegean in the morning. Super!

Cathy W said...

Wow -- just now reading the post where my challenge got you moving & creating! The bigger puzzle is why am I still running so far behind?