Friday, February 20, 2009

New work and a new me!

I have been a bit quiet lately I have been working!!! I have lots of ideas for my window project, i just need the time to execute them now. Although it is the half term holidays I have been in school 2 days this week, although with hardly any kids, but they made some dent in their work, those that came in.Anyway what am I playing with, transparency, in short. I have been sewing into this.....
Anyone guess what the ground fabric is???
I have been playing with sewing through those cheap plastic folders (I got 25 for 99p in poundstretchers) . This next iece shows it sanded and with a hole in it and stitch across the hole. I have trapped crayon shavings between two layers to bet that purple patch, which I quite like, I think it looks like tarnish.

I have also been looking at scale armour and how to produce something inspired by it. I was heading towards metal but have taken a happy detour into plastic using old plastic pop and water bottles.

It is really hard to show so I have photographed it on the rug and on white. I am not hapy with the stitching to join yet, but am thinking on about it!

I have also this week been teaching myself to crochet, my sister is a dab hand, has her own site selling hats and jewellery that are just amazing and so treandy, and so I am trying my hand. I have made a neck warmer scarf complete with flower and am half way through a spirally one now too. So here is the neck warmer, and the new me complete with new do! I was bored with the bob, and so Penny my wonderful hairdresser did this, which is much younger and trenddier I think! What do you think???? Shall I change my profile pic?


Mar said...

i liked your hair the style it was but this looks nice on you too
and you will be surprised all you can do with the shorter version

(i love to go spikey with mine)the profile i have pictured is with it curly but i like it straight too
so you won't get bored is what i am saying...

the plastic material is very inspired!
plastic armour sounds real interesting hope that project comes together for you and takes shape

so you are learning to crochet...aren't you just being the multi-tasker!
your neck warmer is gorgeous!
blue is your color too :)
i would say you are adjusting to this process just fine...

certainly explains what you have been doing with your quiet self!!


Deborah said...

I want to see a view of the new hairdo from the back. It looks good.
Love the neck warmer. Crotchet was the first thing I learned to do with a needle! Now it's back in fashion.

arlee said...

Ya look fabulously younger and fabulously pretty!

Alis said...

Love the work you have been doing.

Definitely love the new look, both your blog and you. Great hair do, a great hairdresser is a boon.

Judy Scott said...

intriguing new work Carol and I love the new look of your blog and the new hairdo is brilliant ~ change that photo for sure ~ Have a fab weekend ~ Judy xxx

Doreen G said...

woohoo(that's a wolf whisle in case you didn't know)I think it looks fabulous.

Cathy W said...

I love the new 'do (need one, myself) and the scarf is fabulous, so I vote for a new profile photo!

Your work is quite intriguing, as usual. I look forward to seeing more of your plastic armour (love the contradiction of armour made from see-through plastic!)

English Rose said...

love the new hair style, makes you look younger. I think definitely update the profile photo.
the neck warmer thingy is great, looks really snuggly.
does the plastic armourhave to be freestanding, or will you be attaching it to a background? if the latter, you don't need joining stitches, just a holding stitch at the top, which gave it flexibility as the wearer moved.

thanks for your comment on my blog hon.

Jan said...

Hey you Kool Dude - new work meets the new you ... wonderful, and I just knew the crayon mash would work a treat .. keep up the inspiration.
Jan x

Sandy said...

Good hair style. Those are some experiments you are doing-good job.

Jackie said...

The new you is a yes and I am so envious of you spending time with Susan lenz. I wonder if she's coming North!