Sunday, March 22, 2009

A few things

Hia all I am so sorry I have been away for so long. I am at that busy point in the year marking and shouting at kids to chivy them into some GCSE's. I say it every year but they are getting worse. All I do is chase like a headless thing and they act like they have all year. All teachers in agreement say aye!
Anyway, I have been working but slow and steady! The calendar girls pic for Febuary was chosen by Sandy and was a unicorn surrounded by bubbles. I decided to work with the texture of the bubbles and stitiched kunin felt to the background and zapped it to pull up the cotton calico. I then painted it with gesso and acrylics. I then beaded. I am pleased how it turned out.
This is an ATC I made for a purple and mustard swap on my group TC. I wanted to do a stuffed piece. I think this is not as successful as what was in my head but that is probably as I was so pushed for time.

Finally my finished piece from Lynda's workshop. I added punched out copper mesh that I annealed and beaded with tiny sed beads.

This is the inside - this is a reversable design.

and this is the outside with the amazing texture Lynda taught us!

I had such a great day and was so pleased to get my piece done, it is such eye candy! I have another started and when the easter holidays arrive I will be working on my next one.


Kim said...

Such interesting pieces... I love the great colors and the bubbles on the unicorn turned out wonderfully. I will surely be back to visit again.

Jan said...

Lovely work Carol and especially as your back is against the wall at present. Just love those bubbles.
Jan x

Purple Missus said...

So pleased you had time to fit in finishing it - looks really good.
Great interpretation of the unicorn, that was quite a difficult one.
Hope things are easing up a bit for you this week.

Sandy said...

Teaching takes a lot of time and energy. I like what you have done.

Seth said...

Carol...these are all so amazing. You have managed to get so much texture in each of these pieces but all in a different, unique way. Impressive!