Friday, July 03, 2009

Couple of things at last

I have finally worked on something, which is a good thing. I have been in a weird place lately and just lots of real world stuff have taken all my energy leaving little room for the brain to work. :)

So I have made a bag for a friend who saw mine and wanted one! I also made a fabric flower to go on it as per her request. I put it on a pin so she can move it around as she likes.
I am calling it the Sassy slouch bag, and am considering selling them??? What do you think?
Here's mine, It has burgundy lining. Both have internal pockets. I used pelmet vilene in the handle and doubed it to make it really rigid and stitcheed it heavily.
I also finished a postcard I owe Mags for our Google Alphabet swap... it will be out tomorrow Mags.
This card is my offering for Calendar girls for June, just slightly late :( It was pre stamped with text and then painted and foil for the trees. I heavily stitched to give it the linear feel of the original.
More to come very soon. Got Lynda and Carol's book today and am devouring it. Has the most wonderful illustrations. I will write more when I have had time to have a proper read.


Cathy W said...

Love the slouch bag -- and that you've returned to the creative side of life! I'm making my way back slowly too ...

lindacreates said...

I love the bag and think you could definitely sell them.

Textile Art Showcase said...

Your bag/ bags are lovely Carol - I am sure that you could sell them. The problem I always have is what to charge? Go for it and good luck.

MargaretR said...

The slouch bag is fantastic and I'm sure it will be a good seller.
I can't wait for my card to arrive. Dwi wrth fy modd hefo fo!

wandar-wanda said...

Beautiful you work !