Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tentative and quiet hello

Well I know what your all thinking..... Carol who??? and my first word is to say sorry to al those who I owe swaps to. I have firmly had my head in the shed (good welsh saying) and have no excuses for being totally rubbish of late. I have ahd a few personal things to deal with and there you go. I am still in the midst of it all and not really knowing what the hell I am doing to be honest but I will come out the other side I always do.
What have I been doing.... well I haven't been idle. I taught a workshop for Fibrepaper arts which is our local group who meet in Neath on the 2nd Sat of every month. I did fabric paper and this was my on the day sample.
I went to the ball, in a dress 2 sizes smaller than last year. :) Don't they look stunning.

I have been making these bags and selling them. Facebook seems to be my major selling spot at the moment. You can check my page out here. These are some recent ones. I am charging £20 +postage. If you are interested then leave me a comment as I am making more all the time.

and finally. I made myself a corset. I haven't got a great pic as I was taking them myself and I have my eyes shut (why i don't know?) but here I am newly size 20. Wish you could see how good i felt in it.


Anne said...

Hi, Carol! Congratulations on losing two dress sizes! Wow! That shows hard work and dedication! :-)

arlee said...

You have inspired me to go back to the gym, Blossom. And i think you are stunningly gorgeous in that bottom photo--you look young vibrant and sexy :} Good on ya!

Sandy said...

2 dress sizes-I'm impressed. That's quite a glamour picture of you. Congratulations.

Cathy W said...

Woo Hoo! You look fabulous, dahling!
Eager to see more from the class you taught too -- and didn't you mention you were working up an online course to offer? You've been one busy busy bee, and I'm trying to catch up as well -- I too am woefully behind on TC swaps & such, but will catch up this week (have to as school starts up for me again ... too soon!)

Julie said...

Very nice fabric paper. You look amazing! Well done on the weight loss :-)

lindacreates said...

You look wonderful! Congratulations.

Threadhead said...

You look fabulous!

Sandy..... said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! My hubby and I have teamed up together, and I know how difficult it is!
He's lost 103
I've lost 43.