Tuesday, January 05, 2010

52 Q's - something just for me :)

I saw this project that happened last year through on Emily's blog ( check out 52Q in the sidebar) through Dale. This was a project that happened last year, but I love it so much and need something manageable and sufficiently challenging to get me back on track with my art work, and hopefuly encourage me to finish an online workshop I have had on hold for a while, while I sorted my head out.
So how it works :- Emily set up 52 questions last year (which I have duely written up in my art note book :)) and you compete one small "journal" ish response per week. She had used Tags, Dale had decided to use some children's flash cards. I remembered a box o unused tags in school, been there the full 10 years I have and have never been used so bingo off I go :) So I have started the first question but it isn't finished yet, but did a "cover" first. I used a mop up paper from a spot of acrylic scraping I did this week and some card numbers and even the dried bit from the copper paint tube as it looked so industrial yet rusted - my kind of theme. My fave copper and turquoise - start somewhere safe I thought :)

The question mark is done with a real easy technique I plan to feature in the online workshop if I ever get it finished :) I decided on the back to record why I decided to do this.
Now, off to find my stash of mop up painted baby wipes, I have a real nasty feeling I threw them out in my big purge last week, but I was sure I had saved them as I am giving a workshop on sat and I totally need them, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT Cover!!!
Look forward to seeing each week's piece that you do.

Deborah said...

This looks interesting. Good Luck with it.

jackie said...

Best wishes for your endeavours in 2010 and well done with the weight regime.

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

i am glad to see this. i have a tube of copper paint but i never thought of being so liberal with the application. For some reason i always dash on just a little. now i'm going to have to experiment with it. thanks!