Friday, January 08, 2010

I made this style book a little while ago for 2 ladies in our group who had a "significant" birthday. They all liked them so much I am teaching it for tomorrow's workshop along with Chris who is going to teach 2 other books which should be fun :)

This is my class sample and I am well pleased with it :) Am going for a colour change tomorrow for my demo piece, I have found a delish peace of bright pink silk to line so that will be my inspiration :)


Julie said...

What a beautiful book Carol. I'm sorry I don't live nearer. Have a great day tomorrow, you'll have a ball I'm sure :o)

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

oooh, i LOVE the copper colors and blues! very lovely!

Kayla coo said...

Wonderful colour combination and nice design.
Have fun at your demo.

Clevelandgirlie said...

oh Carol - this book is absolutely stunning. What an interesting concept - and those colors.... to die for. Thanks for visiting my blog - it was nice to hear from you. I've been at the diet thing since last May and actually lost 23.5 pounds through intense "bootcamp" style exercise (a program called P90x) will light diet changes. I'm revving it up a bit this year and am going to hit it hard! Good luck with your journey - and please feel free to follow mine (on the left of my sidebar) as I will have links, recipes, etc. Anyway - I still have an ATC you made for me about 2 years ago. It is one of my favorites. It very much resembles your header - I think that was a phase you were going through at the time and did alot of that type of texture. Fabulous.
Now I'm off to visit that two color quilt challenge - sounds like it's right up my alley!