Friday, April 30, 2010

good and bad

nothing much to show you at the mo. Good things and bad things in life. I have just 4 LB to go till I have lost 5 stone. So am smiley, and have committed to doing the race for life if you feel like giving there is a link in my side bar and every penny will help fight cancer.

The bad news, hubby is up for redundancy - again :( am calmer and more collected this time, seems like we need to envoke the disability discrimination act again, but the new boss is not as daft as the last one and will surely have it al sewn up.
Never mind we'll live and in the mean time a new doodle, above.


MargaretR said...

How fantastic to have lost so much weight Carol and here am I struggling with half a stone.

I'm so sorry DH is being made redundant, my DS was in the same position 18 months ago and it is very worrying I know. But stay positive and help him through this bad patch.

ANNA said...

Well done on the weight - I had a plan to lose at least 4 stone and have only managed 4 lbs!!
Sorry about DH - I sympathise! Hope all turns out well for you!
Lovely Zentangle!!

Purple Missus said...

Good to see you back again. :)
5 stone WOW! I won't recognise you next time I see you.
Having been through the redundancy bit twice now with DH I know exactly what you are going through - and it's not good.
Fingers crossed that Craig gets through it again this time.

MargaretR said...

Sorry Carol, I meant to say 5 stone of course!!!

Julie Stenning said...

Well done on your weight loss Carol, have been keeping up with your posts on facebook.

Fingers crossed on the redundancy.


Elizabeth Braun said...

Much kudos to you for the weight loss - that's a real achievement and your body will be as happy as your mind with it! Go girl!=)

Sorry to hear about your DH's job hassles. It's a TOUGH time right now. My DH is a business and manufacturing consultant and one of his clients had to lay off several people, but said they'd be able to take them back on after the recession. Not fun for anyone...=(

jackie said...

Hello, thanks for linking to my blog. I hope all goes well on the work front, my son has just been made redundant too.

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you...i'm doing the artful blog link hop...and you're on the list!

life can be about as tangled as your zentangle doodle at times...but we somehow pull through and make sense of it all in the end!

great work!
come by and visit me too!

ciao bella
creative carmelina