Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hello neglected blog

Hia all, and my sadly neglected blog. I have been very remiss in not posting of late. Hubby has a new job starting tomorrow and I hope he does really well, and am sure he will.
I am in the middle of a huge slump. I don't know how to get back into making, making anything. I can doodle, and am fiddling with wedding invites for my sister inlaw but am at a real solid impass for my own work. I don't know how to begin, so am going to ask, what do you do??? How do you get over things? Any help appreciated.



My advice would be to get back go back to your sketch books, or start on a new one. This has worked for me recently, after all we spent hours and hours on those thing didn't we.

Sue said...

I very much sympathise as I'm in a similar place right now. A deadline or a need to make something for someone else sometimes works for me.

ANNA said...

I soooo understand where you are right now and sympathise. Many have told me in the past that this type of time is necessary you need to have the 'down' time in both senses. It will pass. Try finding one small think that you like and work some ideas out in your sketchbook. Like look at a daisy.

ANNA said...

Oh and i forgot to say I am in the same place too!!

Summerset said...

Maybe something new might help - going to an art store or fabric store might spark some new creativity or you could dabble in an art form that you're unfamiliar with.

Art and inspiration is very cyclic. There are times when nothing seems to be working and times when you're so full of ideas that there's no way to create them all.