Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iphone disaster

I had a major Iphone disaster last week, having dropped my phone and smashed the screen. Costing me £50 in excess, but thank goodness I had insurance. So I saw Jackie's lovely Iphone covers and thought I'd have a go. Here is one I did AKA Jackie...
Recycling some denim from my FAT clothes :) But I don't love it - it is Jackie, not me. But I did enjoy playing with her technique, maybe when pennies are less tight I will invest as hers are sooooo neat and so lush.
So I went back to the drawing board and thought about what I wanted. I wanted more me, so I remembered a chenilling technique I had played with on city and guilds and set to cutting bias strips and stitching them. I played with the zig zag width to get the pattern nd then scuffed the edges with a suede brush. I wanted to highlight the double stitching and used Velcro for ease o opening. Lessons learnt - much more me BUT not happy with the finish, not loving the zig zagging, everyone else's seem so neat and mine never do, any suggestions?


Wendy Coyne said...

When I am edging, I don't try to do close satin stitch, I go round once with standard zig-zag, this holds the edges so I can stop worrying about them, then I go round again with my machine set to a close zig-zag but not quite satin stitch. This stops the stitches bunching up and causing lumps. Don't pull the fabric as you sew, let the feed dogs do the work. I hope this helps


Lovely cover Carol. So glad we are friends on the sketchbook project :o)


June said...

Fantastic idea and that looks amazing
hugs June xxxx

Cory said...

What a great working with old denim.

You did a great it.