Friday, August 27, 2010

Back from Hols

Hia all I am back from the holibobs. Was fab and HOT!!! Here's a few pics. Elle and I on the boat trip, went swimming off the boat was superb.
All the family :)
My scuba babe!
and a bit of stitching got done. I will be finished soon, was a sample of the bigger piece in the last post. I decided not to stitch that piece (yet anyway) and had a go at this one. I have stitched more but will show you once I have calmed down the seeding. I am giving this piece away (I will likely mount it on a canvas) To get the finished piece all you have to do is give me some feedback on the work I have been doing lately - not back slapping - like you would do at college etc to critique? Is my work a bit boring, safe? What do you think?

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