Saturday, August 07, 2010

New pages

Some more new pages, are you getting bored yet????
This one is a mop up paper again and I have used oil pastel to draw the shapes, I am trying not to over think these pages, and just do what comes to me.
This one is using a stencil The background is a mop up kitchen towl I used to clean my brushes on and I worked into it with biro. Love the top right. That was a mono print off the stencil.

This one was gluing in the stencil and closing the book to get another mono print, I love this technique, must have a go on fabric. Think I will do to take to stitch on holibobs. I leave tomorrow so better get a wriggle on :)


Julie said...

Not bored at all, you're inspiring me, just need to do it! Your sketchbook is looking good.

Have a great holibobs!

annie said...

Carol, please keep posting! I'm not bored - I'm enjoying your pages very much!
best, Annie - the Netherlands

Diane Kelsey said...

Love the two where you have used the stencils. More my colours, especially like the torn page, it always add some interest. Keep going!