Monday, September 04, 2006

Here is the contents of my secrets in the bag challenge for fiberartistsintl. yahoo group. I am swapping with Gwen in the US and this is what she has sent me to use to make her postcard. I think I will be able to do more than one with this lovley fab
ric and bits. I think i will go for a leaf theme since she has sent me a leaf skeleton.I am going to try to at least cut out tonight and lay it up as school is so tiring! I came home today and had an hours sleep, where did that come from. I haven't slept in the day all holidays, weird!

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Helen in the UK said...

This looks like a great selection. It's interesting to see someone else's challenge materials. I'm struggling with mine (see my blog) because you are supposed to use everything that you are sent on the PC and I don't think mine ALL gel!! I suppose that is part of the challenge :) Will be very interested to see what you make with yours.