Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thought I'd give you a sneak preview to work I have done lately for group. I will be uploading them to the site but after they have been recieved. I loved the butterflies, it is a gift bag recycled given to me by a lovely leaving pupil from my form, I had a great glass haning for my classroom in it. I thought it was too interesting to throw out and as if by magic Lynn put up the mixed media swap a few days later. I love the leaf quilting, it looks like the butterfly is sitting in the leaves. The other is for a tie dye swap and I have made a couple extra so that I can send them to Virginia for the fiberart for a cause project. I will send them off soon. I have also finished the secrets in the bag cards but think I should send them off to the swapper before posting, so watch this space. Lastly my textiles group in year 11 are making me so proud and I wanted to say that publicly. The quality of work is fanominal. They are going to do really well I think.


Helen in the UK said...

Very nice cards - particuarly the tie-dye as I love the colours. Can't wait to see the secrets in the bag card results :)

CalicoDaydreams said...

Oh my! the top card with the ribbons and buttons is beautiful!