Sunday, September 24, 2006

I have a couple of things to show you today in response to a few emails I have gotten lately. I am feeling very popular at the mo! The fist is a journal quilt page for fiberarttraders, a yahoo group I have recently joined. I have loved doing this one. the topic was "All about me" and you don't swap, you keep the page and you swap charms or trinkets relating to you. I haven't done mine yet but I thought i'd stitch something in Welsh, since I am fluent. The second and third images are relating to my G+G course and are based on markings in the sand. They are just trial pieces and are unfinished. the technique is to use pin tucks in cotton and tyvek and then to chop them up, shrink the tyvek and then combine them with free machining. They are very tactile and I have used glittery metallic paint to colour them up. A decent start to the project i think. The topic for this term is "Touchy feely" and so I am going to make a very tactile piece based on the fact that hubby is registered blind. Hope you like anyway!

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Helen in the UK said...

Love your journal page - the yellow tape measures make the eye move round and find all the different elements.
Your C&G project sounds very interesting - like the samples you've made so far. One to watch ... :)