Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daffs and samples

I have finished my Daffs postcards today, and early in the week they will be off to the lovely ladies who entered my Welsh challenge for St. David's day on textile challenges, the yahoo group I run. I used the Richard Box method for the leaves, using free zig zag stitch. I then couched down a pipe cleaner for the petals, to which I herringbone wove the infill. I then couched a ring of pipe cleaner down using an eyelet stitch. I really enjoyed making these. I hope the ladies like them and their other treats as much.

The next piccy is my samples for the sin of lust for my doors project. Textile challenges girls all voted to work the same theme with the same 3 starting ingredients. The theme chosen was doors/windows and I decided to make an accordian book of doors with the sins behind the doors. This will be my second C+G project. My target is to complete one, Lust, by the end of the month to put into the challenge. So I decided to have a tortures heart behind the door and so have been playing with the felt melt thing. I decided that the red thread on red felt was not showing up enough, so you will see I switched to black, I don't know about this, I might look for a darker red to do it in instead. The plan is to have the heart held by threads, tortured in the doorway. I have also layed up some scrim and emulsion for the doors, but haven't had time for that yet.


Dianne said...

Those daffodil cards are really gorgeous!! Also the hearts are great too - sounds very interesting!!

Carol said...

Look forward to seeing the doors finished, an interesting subject