Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mags' page

Mags is my partner this month, and her choice of theme is doors or gates. Now as those of you who read regularly here will know I did a whole series of doors not so long ago. So I wanted to get a little away from what I did then. So I decided to use fabric instead of paper, which was different to the last lot. I decided to use up a piece of fabric I tea dyed a while ago with fruit teas and had a very pale pink-ness to it. Now I have taken a lot of inspiration from Ruth Rae, who's work is just fab and I have been reading her blog for a while now and really love what she does. So without wanting to copy her I decided to use some of her style like layers of fabric and paper, buttons and other fab little treasures trapped under things. This is how the page looked last night. Now I knew it lacked something but wasn't sure what, so today I rummaged in my paper stash for the elusive "something" else. I found a metal tray from one of Craig's fish and chips ready meals that i had been harbouring and decided to emboss that. I tried annealing it with the gas flame but it was having none of it! I also found a piece of paper from a stash trade I did years ago and decided to use that. Some buttons and paper punched pieces in paper and metal later and this is what I now have, and pretty much think it is complete.
I love the paper punched pieces. Craig thought the door didn't stand out enough so I did some hand stitch there in a pale colour as i didn't want it to over dominate.

As for what's behind the door????? Well I decided to leave that as a surprise for Mags and will share it with you after she has got it. Hope she likes it now, I chose the red as a contrast as I know she loves flame colours. I also hope it is not just a rip off of Ruth and it has a bit of me in it.


Vicki W said...

It's really cool!

Judy Scott said...

oh wow this is awesome, cant wait to see inside, Jx

Sue B said...

This is terrific Carol and I think you've done a nice job of making it your own with by working in your own personal style.

StegArt said...

It turned out fabulous Carol. Ruth is great inspiration. I can't wait to see what's hiding behind the door.

Ruth Rae said...

what a great job you have done!
I love creating doors... I think its becuse of the surprise you get from opeing it ... its good that you keep that part a secrt for your patner :)