Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing day

Hia all, well I survived yesterday and everyone was happy-ish! Ellie was really happy and that's all that counts! I thought I would show you a little more of the things I have made over the last few weeks.
The first is a quilty that I was way overdue with for Sandie, for a trade on unlimited textiles. the theme was Autumn and I had some how lost this one from my list of to do's. I used a piece of fabric I had sun printed way back in the summer at Deb's workshop. I used poppy seed heads and fern leaves to sun print . I then kantha stitched it in some thread I had hand dyed, and added some beads , I thought these looked like the seeds from the poppy being carried away by the wind!
The next thing to show you now are the final scarves that i made at the devore workshop. I made 6 all together. They were fab to make, I had such a fun day. I gave 3 as gifts to my sisters and Mum and kept the rest for myself. This one was Vivky's.
This one mine!
This one mine!
Mine! This one is my fav, it is shibori devore, and turned out so well.

and finally Mum's . I love the colours on this.


Vicki W said...

Those scarves are beautiful!

Sandy said...

The scarves are lovely. My quiltie looks wonderful. We have snow right now which is not normal for here, so the mail might not come for a couple of days-frustration. Sandy

Doreen G said...

Love those scarves Carol - a job well done.

Alis said...

The quiltie is lovely - lucky Sandy.

The scarves are just so beautiful, I bet they feel lovely too.

Dot said...

Those scarves are gorgeous. I can understand why you want to keep some orf them!

English Rose said...

the scarves are fantastic, really scrummy, well done hon. Good to hear too that ellie has had such a wonderful christmas, even if it was a little early! I'm thinking about the arch challenge, but fear I am already overcommitted....will think on!

Kim said...

Yummy scarves!

Homeleightigger said...

Beautiful scarves - what super individual gifts for everyone - I bet they went down a bomb!
Happy New Year to you all. Val