Saturday, April 12, 2008

Angie Hughe Klimpt workshop

Today Fiberpaperarts, a local group I am a memeber of, made up of girls from my C+G mainly, and is a yahoo group, had a workshop with Angie Hughes. She inspired us by getting us to work with Klimpt as our inspiration. We started of with a combination of bondaweb and misty fuse and foils. We foiled through stencils and added sweety foil with bondaweb on the back for chunkier details. I cheated a bit on the inspiration, and although it is reminicent of Klimpt, I had in mind my colour unit and the fact that I have started work on personal symbol's for my colour and culture unit. So I added diamonds instead of squares and managed to get a bit of foil that Chris had left that had had the word colour foiled out already so I had a lush negative, see the bottom corner. Here is my first step.

I thought that the black line I left in the centre looked like a stem, and as I had used a daisy flower in my book, I decided it was fate!
My first attempt wass pants, and on advice from Angie, I went back to it and made the petals more pointy, and it looks much better.
I was going to cut this to make a bag as my resolved piece, but it is so nice I can't bear to, so I am going to start a new piece with these lovely pieces of inspiration for a guide! What a lovely day, realy really fun.


Purple Missus said...

Lucky you having a workshop with Angie Hughes - I love her work.
And no, don't cut this piece, its wonderful, would be a shame to cut it and not see it as a whole.

verobirdie said...

You must have enjoyed yourself a lot. Your piece is beautiful.
I think I saw a workshop like this one on Stitch, but cant't remember if it was by Angie Hughes. Probably though.

Summerset said...

Now that is a wonderful piece of fabric! I can see how the flower needed the pointy petals - you have other shapes such as the diamond that work with that petal shape.

Jacquelines blog said...

Beautiful work Carol, it must been a lovely workshop!

Kim said...

The pieces are stunning Carol. What a wonderful and productive workshop!

Sandy said...

Wow, what lovely pieces.

Aussie Jo said...

When I glanced at your first sentence I thought at first you were called 'Fibrepants" Wouldn't that be a fun name for a group!!
Love that foiling, you've just given me an idea for one of the pieces I'm working on at the moment with the negative wording.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carol
these look amazing ~ Angies work is really good although Ive never taken a class with her, Ive seen her at shows. Good to know Ive helped to inspire and will look forward to seeing the results.
Im not sure which would be the best mag I love CPS but I would also love to have QA every couple of months too, they are just so different and Ive only seen a couple of QA although Ive read their bits in the online newsletter they send me and it always looks filled with goodies.

Hope you are all keeping well sending lots of love, Judy xxx

Alis said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and learnt a lot.
Your piece is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't bear to cut it either.

MargaretR said...

I loved those bags of hers Carol and I would like to do the Klimt course with her one day if possible.