Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Look at my lovely post.

I got 3 lovely parcels all the way from Oz today, they must have kept each other warm along the way. The first is a lovely purple arch from Hannah. I love it. It is just my colours. I love it Hannah.
The next ATC is from Britt, and to my great pleasure she has added some bobbin lace. Now my mum makes lace and will be really interested to see it. Thank you Britt.
The next two have hot footed from the Grey household. The first is from Doreen and the later is from Ebony. I love the colours and lush surface that this photo does not do justice too.
Now isn't Ebony's spectacular. I really love it, it feel nice in your hand, quality you know. The dots on the background give it such a sophisticated feel. Love it. Now let me blow you away by telling you Ebony is EIGHT, yes that's right 8. Now as you all know I teach in the comp (11-16 year olds) and I see a lot of art work done by young people but this is the most beautiful, grown up, quality piece of work I have seen for a long time. It will have pride of place on my desk at school, thank you Ebony so much.


Julie said...

Great postbag today Carol and what an amazing card from Ebony! What a gifted girl she is!

Doreen G said...

I do think she is talented but she didn't do all the dots on the background that was the paper she used but she did do the design and once again didn't want any help.
Very frustrating sometimes.

Purple Missus said...

Some lovely post you got there - and I agree, Ebony does really well for someone of her age.