Friday, April 25, 2008

Still bogged down by course work.

Well it was getting out of hand here and i couldn't find anything, so lovely DH bought me a few extra boxes and i set out to tidy up the mess and now everything is labelled and easy to find, now all I need is the time to use any of it! I have decided to put off qualifying for my C+G this year, I only have about 2 pieces and about 5 samples left to do but with all the GCSE marking I won't get there! But it has worked out wel and as my lecturer is finishing next year and so it will be nice to finish at the same time as her.
To prove i have done something, here is the canvas I painted last year. I added the turquoise and purple inchies to it. I love it now.
Close up's, we know you love close up's.

Hopefully by next friday it will all be over with the dresses and the course work and I will be able to take a photo of the work my class has done and the girls are wearing their finished frocks.
I will have to show you Leah's bikini's, they are amazing! Hope your all well, see you on the other side of this week!


Vicki W said...

The inchies are so cool displayed on your painted canvas!

Purple Missus said...

Good to see you back :)
These inchies look great displayed on the canvas - what a good idea.

Jan said...

colours of the canvas are lovely and ditto: what a cool idea.Are you becoming domesticated or what???? how tidy is your work station!
love Jan x

katelnorth said...

That's a great idea for displaying inchies - fabulous...