Friday, July 30, 2010

What I've been up to

Not the most interesting pieces of work at this stage but here are the grounds of a spread and a cover from my sketchbook. I used polyfiller and a water bottle lid, credit card and a piece of card with "teeth" cut into it. I used this to score lines in the polyfiller (spackle for our american friends) I am going to paint these up now and se how they look, so far I am pleased.

Have been doing some observational drawings in my notebook too, which I will photocopy to use in my sketchbook. These will follow


arlee said...

looks great---but will it last through shipping and then all the handling?

john said...

lovely to find another experimentor. you may find that polyfiller tends to flake after time if its thin in places , water color gives some interesting effects as it spreads beautifully. happy experimenting. Judie.

john said...

Lovely to meet a fellow experimentor. you might find the polyfiller might flake in the thin places but it all adds to the fun , here in Spain we use a Gesso form of plaster and that sticks to any backing material. happy experimenting. Judie.