Saturday, July 03, 2010

Prom is upon us again

and as per I have left it late and have nothing to wear. So I "found" some fabric that was at the back of a cupboard and it was bright burnt orange. Wasn't sure if I could carry it but in the end I thought sod it go for it. None of my previous outfits FIT so needs must. (Have a back up dress from the charity shop at £4 - which will appear soon as it is missing something and I might ask advice :)

So this was my inspiration...

It is caled the Slinky dress by Jansmin Di Milo. So I couldn't handle how deep the V was so took that up, didn't think the frill on the midrif was a good plan as much as I loved it as it would draw the eye to a "problem zone" :) so set to work on this......

I changed the "straps" as they looked very broad and old womany, so gathered them up and made a band from a scrap and now it looks very Grecian :)
It is very long at the mo, but will be shortened to heel length, managed to squeek out a little train/fish tail thingy :) Just the zip to go in and I have a dress. Photo's on Saturdayafter the prom :)


ANNA said...

Bet you will be the belle of the prom!! You will look stunning! Wish I had the nerve to get back to dressmaking.


Hope you enjoy your prom and feel slinky in your dress :o)

Glad your sketchbook arrived. I'm starting mine in August as a few challenges need clearing first. I want to be free to work in the sketchbook without worrying about things I should be doing!

Happy Sunday