Saturday, December 30, 2006

Secrets in the bag and round robin finally finished

Here is my effort for FAI's Secrets in the bag swap. I am paired with Flicsha and i was very lucky as she sent me the most lovely bag of goodies, including choccies and tea to drink while i made her card! How thoughtful is that! I decided to work on my imagery that I have been using for my C+G, water over the sand, as this was a good opportunity to try out different colours. I gathered up the blue metallic shot fabric and heat set it in the ove for 10 minutes at 200. I then decided I would work by hand, for two reasons, one I haven't done much hand work of late and i was desperate to feel the cloth between my hands! and two having the machine out at this time of year is a bit difficult. I seeded the rippled fabric to a bit of cheap felt. This worked really well ad I am so glad I did it as it has given me a far better understanding of how I wil integrate my heat set work for C+G. It only took going back to hand work to do that!
I was given Beryl Taylor's book for christmas and I decided I would work the diamonds in her way, so i used some of the other fabric in the bag to lace over thin card diamons. i stuffed these with some wadding and then sitched on the beads and then back stitched them to the background. On textile challenges val had challenged us to use xmas leftovers creatively, and i have a pice to follow on this, so i used a jewel that had lost it's sticky and fallen off Ellie's new barbie styling head and weaved this onto the backround with silver thread. Now Flicsha always does lovely backgrounds for her cards so I worked one diamond up for the back. It has turned out well. The pink thread i used to couch down was the only addition from my stash apart from the jewel.
This is my card from the 1st round robin, on fiberpostcardroundrobin, which is a yahoo group run by Lorraine Strohkirch. ( Who is an angel by the way) I did the background fabric, which was bubbled polyester, i bubbled it with the heat gun, like you would with tyvek. I like this because it is so much softer than tyvek. Marie and Mary then made it into a tree, I'm not sure who did which bits but, there are waxes picking up the bubbled texture, angelina, free machining and the leaf charms ( one did not make it through the british postal service!) I like it and i like what happens when you work with others on a piece, but I would have liked to see some of the original texture, it got kinda lost. Never mind that's the esence of working with others you can't be too precious about what happens to your work. I finished it with the copper zig zagging.


Helen in the UK said...

I absolutely LOVE your PC for the secrets in the bag swap. So much wonderful texture. Love the added diamonds and gem as well. Brilliant :)

Angelcat said...

These postcards are wonderful Carol. I particularly love the one for Flicsha, what a lovely set of materials she sent you!

Dianne said...

I love your postcards. The purple one is gorgeous - love how you've incorporated the design into the back of the card!

Hannah Katarski said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you for putting a link to my blog on your page :)

I think it's wonderful that you're studying at the C&G. I only wish they had something like that in Western Australia.

I'll keep dropping into your site to see what you've been doing.